Attraction in Khao Lak

Since Phang Nga possesses its richness in natural resources, the highlighted spots are undoubtedly its natural beauty: beaches, islands, forests and caves. Phang Nga offers almost every kind of attractions and activities. You can appreciate and drink in all sights of nature almost everywhere you go in Phang Nga.

Looking at the far-sighted horizon ahead from Phang Nga Bay, there appears the scenically picturesque panorama. Between the bright blue sky and the greenish blue sheet of water, there springs up a line of notched limestone islands which vary in wondrous forms. The haunting beauty of the islands is characterized by their wondrous formations of cliffs and caves. Even being in town, you are always closed to the nature; green mountains towering far and near can make you feel being trapped in the midst of nature. There is no sight of skyscraper or high buildings in Phang Nga town; you will be immersed in the sweetest charm of nature without such an interruption.

This is then a paradise who long for relaxing in isolation as well as challenging some adventurous activities like paddling in the hidden lagoon on some islands or trekking in the midst of the dense jungle. In addition, with its long history, Phang Nga offers the interesting sites of historical and archeological importance which are worth experiencing. 

Natural wonders

In Phang Nga Town
Far and near in Phang Nga province, you can enjoy the wondrously beautiful nature. Just before reaching Phang Nga town, the first natural wonder of the province waits to welcome you at your first visit; it is Khao Chang or Elephant Mountain. This mountain became the landmark of Phang Nga for its resemblance to the kneeling elephant.  …..For more information: Attraction in Phang Nga Town

Beyond Phang Nga town
Phang Nga’s abundant and virgin forests provide the excellent home to wild animal as well as various species of vegetations. As a result, many national parks were established in the province proving obviously the fertility of its natural resources. In each Park, …..For more information: Attraction Beyond Phang Nga Town


Historical Sites

Asides from its lovely beauty of nature, Phang Nga province possesses some other sites which have historical importance and which represent the flourishing age of this land in the past.


The Old Sala Klang: Sala Klang means Provincial Hall. The Hall is a one-storey-building in panya-style, the characteristic structure in southern part of Thailand, located about 3.5 kilometers away from Phang Nga town along Petchkasem Road. This official building is constructed in the reign of King Rama VII, proving its provincial status.

Wat Suwan Kuha: The temple is also called Wat Tham or Cave Temple, well known for its historical and archeological importance. The compound of the temple is composed of mountains riddled with caves each of which has its name such as Big Cave, Bright Cave, Dark Cave, and Crystal Cave. The Big Cave is the largest and serves as the entrance. Along the entire length of 40 meters of the cave is richly adorned with tiled of Lai Kram and Benjarong, a typical Thai art form. Inside the Big Cave, a reclining Buddha image is enshrined. The temple is located 9 kilometers from Phang Nga town.

Wat Naraya Nika Rahm: The temple is visited for its three statues of legendary personality in the great Hindu epic, Ramayana: Phra Narai or Phra Ram, Phra Lak, and Sida. These statues prove the spread of Hindu civilization into this region before the rise of Sukhothai Kingdom (the first prominent kingdom of Thai people) as well as the existence of ancient city Takola (1300 AD) which is now Takua Pa district. A stone inscription dating back to 1300-1400 years was also found in the temple’s compound.
The temple is situated around 14 kilometers from Ka Pong district office.

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