Boat Viewing

The striking scenery of limestone islands in Phang-Nga Bay and the abundant mangrove forests created by nature for many million years can be admired by your own eyes in only half a day or one day by hiring boats to travel around the bay. There are plenty of long-tail boats available at Tha Dan Pier, Surakoon Pier or Pier around the area of the Park. If you take a half-day tour, you can visit Panyee Island, Khao Ping Gan, Khao Tapoo, Ma Ju Island, and Tham Lod. You may have a chance to visit other islands on a full-day-tour such as Panak Island, Hong Island or Khai Island. That depends on your time and convenience.

Snorkeling & Diving

Under the bright blue sky, amidst the aquamarine water with the colorful submarine forest, snorkeling and diving are your hottest activities not to be missed in Phang Nga. Almost every marine boundary in Phang Nga province, you can experience its abundant and breathtaking undersea paradise. With more than 120 islands in Phang Nga Bay together with other world most popular diving destinations like Similan Archipelago and Surin Islands, you will be overwhelmed with its spectacular flora and fauna under the sea. Each diving site has its original undersea landscape and splendid underwater scenery.

The outstanding snorkeling and diving spots are Similan Island national Marine Park, Surin Island National Marine Park, and other islands scattering around in Phang Nga Bay like Yao Island, Khai Island, Hong Isalnd and Panak Island.


If submarine forest satisfied you enough, it is time heading to the green and lush forests on land which Phang Nga also has to offer. The mangrove forests and forested mountains are the best places for adventurous activities like canoeing, trekking, and elephant riding. By these ways, you can get closer to admire the fertility of floras and faunas of Phang Nga.

  • Canoeing: Paddling a canoe boat in the mangrove forest, through caves and Hong or lagoon is a kind of remarkable experience; it is also the best way for observing the splendors of rock face and the hidden caves that are impossible by other boats. You will feel like escaping into another realm, enveloped by the lavishly green trees and towering limestone cliffs riddled with caves housing the marvelous stalactites and stalagmites. Hong Island, Panak Island, and Talu Island offer you the opportunity to paddle through. However, it is not permitted to paddle into by yourselves because it may be dangerous; there will be a staff accompanying you. There are canoeing services at Tha Dan pier for paddling in Phang Nga Bay.
  • Trekking & elephant riding: As most part of Pnag Nga is forested area, and with many national parks established in the province, there several places for trekking. It is a good experience to discover its fertility of floras and faunas as well as to study about birds and wild animals. Trekking can be done by riding on the elephant back or hiking along the nature trail arranged in each national park. The interested nature trails include Khao Lak-Laem Ru National Park of which the trail offers an opportunity to see various species of birds and wild animals. Another place where you can trek and ride on the elephant back is at Tone Pariwatt Wildlife Sanctuary which provides a trail trough a dense jungle dotted with beautiful waterfall and abundant with rare species of plants and wild animals. In Thai Muang National Park, you can walk along the nature trail teemed with verdant jungle spotted by pleasant waterfalls as well

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