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You Must Know The Facts About Khao Lak Which Other Five Doesn’t

Khao lak, means “Lak Mountain” is a series of uninvolved rural colony in a hilly region that has become one of the top tourist attracting spot of Thailand because of its divine picturesque beauty. Khao Lak-Lam Ru National Park is another chunk of attraction to the visitors. Scuba Diving is one of the rarest adventurous rides that are limited to very few tourist spots of the world, fortunately Khao Lak being one of them. The natural-born undisturbed atmosphere is one more thing to attract the tourists. But do you know, such a prepossessing and benign place too has some deepest secrets which we want to whisper into your ear before other five get to know about them.

  • Tsunami, the single term which is capable of portraying a devastating ravage of nature at her most vexed mood, had hit Khao Lak in the year 2004. Significantly, the day was that year’s Boxing Day, a religious holiday.
  • Festivities to dazzle you up are organised there throughout the entire year. Entirely different from your cosmopolitan enjoyment, these out of the box festivities will seem to you a ball of fresh air in the midst of your monotonous concrete-wrapped lifestyle. Festivals like seven day annual event, Turtle release at Thai Muang Beach,Chakri, Chinese New Year, Her Majesty’s Birthday, Chinese New Year, Chulalongkorn Day, Constitution Day and much more left unmentioned.
  • Similan Islands is a group of islands, some of these which are situated on the southern part of Thailand. It is as a whole identified as a national park consisting of 11 consecutive islands. Needless to say, the spot is blessed with unmatched natural seductress elements and also full of rare marine creatures. It is one of the very few places where you can go for a full pure dive trip under the crystal clear water. Spending some hours there with pals in a tent will always stay in your bucket of rare experiences.
  • We sincerely wish you the best of your respective career and we too acknowledge that you work in red tapism throughout the year and yes, you do worth it. But aren’t you worth of walking in bare foot with a group of monks through the sea-shore? Yes, nature mother is waiting for you with her unimpeachable innocent children.
  • Khuk Khak beach is going to be one of the best beaches you have ever visited. The shade of Palm tree and pleasant sunray- what can be in more harmony? Part from crystal clear water, excellent maintenance, there are a bunch of resorts with all modern amenities. Not only fooding and lodging, these resorts are structured with activity zone, spa, recreation house and what not!
  • White Water Rafting, you may not have tried this unless you are a keen travel worm and acute adventurous person. But yes, not as a seasonal adventure, Khao Lak is offering you White Water Rafting opportunity throughout the year.

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