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Khao Lak, Thailand – A Place To Visit

People say, how much science advances, natural calamity is a thing to which we are still so much helpless as we were thousand years earlier and will remain the still helpless even after thousand years as we are now. Tsunami is in a sentence a devastating water wave caused by displacement of the sub-continental plates. In other words, you may say, the tsunami is caused due to the marine earthquake. Men can anticipate storm, depression, drought but still, science could not gift us such a technology what can presume earthquake and tsunami. But, when we work together holding hands, nature too seems to bend to our willpower and Khao Lak is its concrete example.

Khao Lak, means ‘Lak Mountain’ is a series of hill chain world famous for its scenic beauty and picturesque landscapes. All was going as what is called perfect. Suddenly, in the year 2004, on the auspicious religious Boxing Day, ‘The Asian’ tsunami has obliterated a massive part, especially the beach adjacent part of Khao Lak, Thailand. This tsunami including a massive count of economical loss took 3590 innocent lives. But, Khao Lak decided not to give up. In these last 8 years, Khao Lak, keeping their losses at as their inspiration with then, has revived with even greater glory. Some of the tsunami-devastated spots and articles are for tourists’ eyes. Khao Lak is equipped with every mean and commodity what can be searched in a tourist spot. There are 6 prominent beaches on Khao Lak which are its centre of attraction: Khao Lak Beach, Nang Thong Beach, Bang Niang beach, Khuk Khak beach, Cape Pakarang beach and Bang Sak beach.

Khao Lak beach is the most prominent and most tourist attracting (annually) beach of Thailand. Nang Thong Beach is admired by the tourists to be most peaceful and well-maintained beach of Thailand. Along with elegant landscapes, this beach is one of the favourites of the tourist for its adjoined other amenities like restaurants, shops, ATMs, resorts, fun grounds etc. With a handful of resorts, Khuk Khak beach has owned the heart of the visitors with transport agencies, bus terminus, market complex, restaurants, highway and of course, with crystal-clear sea water where Cape Pakarang beach is ready to quench the thirst of the bohemian of you with exciting rides and fun. Last but not the least; Bang Sak beach is in duo with Bang Sak Promenade to welcome you. It is the beach which has been intentionally kept at its primitive appearance with minimal sophistication to provide the visitors with the raw essence of nature.

If you are interested in flora and fauna, then the next holiday is indefinitely going to be allotted for Khao Lak. It is a bucket of rare of the rarest marine flora and fauna along with divine flower- orchid. It will be difficult to suppress your wonder when experiencing a visit with Rafflesia, with a diameter up to 1 meter, the biggest flower in the world. And lastly, to say about Thai foods… let it go.

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