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3 Ways Khao Lak Can Make Your Marriage Stronger

Khao Lak is more than just an area with pristine beaches and exotic tropical scenery. It’s an ideal place to strengthen your marriage mettle, regain trust, strengthen bonds and create memorable experiences. And it’s as easy as riding an elephant.

Get Back on Track on Back of an Elephant

If you’re looking to reconnect with your spouse, forget marriage counseling and consider a little elephant therapy at one of Khao Lak’s jungle trekking tours.

You and your spouse will be issued a guide elephant at the beginning of the tour and you can choose to ride together or on separate elephants. While riding together sounds romantic, you may want to ride separately. There is nothing more attractive than seeing your spouse mounted high atop an elephant’s back looking like a conquering hero warrior – or warrior princess.


Your romantic jungle journey begins with a little aromatherapy courtesy of the native flowers and plants. Your temptation to pick one and offer it as a romantic gesture is greatly encouraged! The flora’s aromas will intoxicate you and as exotic birds serenade overhead. All the while, you will be gently rocked by your guide elephant just like that old porch swing where you and your spouse used to rock for hours.

You’re jolted back to reality by a refreshing spray of river water as your elephants enter the river for a bath. You laugh and you see your spouse smile like they haven’t in years. Then you feel a sudden urge to kiss your spouse, right there in the mud. And as the two of you embrace, a young couple on their honeymoon snap a photo for you as your guide elephants shower you with water, washing off the years in tiny, streaming droplets, giving your relationship a feeling of renewal.

Remember What Floats Their Boat

If your relationship could use a little more action, try white water rafting through the tropical rainforest of Phang Nga. You and your beloved will test your trust, courage and strength against raging rapids and ragged rocks with only your life jacket, helmet and love to protect you.

Maybe you’ll drop a paddle, maybe you’ll scream like a chimp, but you will get through it. Once you hit the shore and sit down for a delicious Thai lunch next to a soothing waterfall, you will look at one another and high five to commemorate your newfound trust and companionship.

For those who may find white water a bit too rough, there is bamboo rafting. Similar to the Gondola boats in Venice, a river guide will take you along the still, emerald green Sok River on a bamboo raft. The rainforest is the perfect place for renewing wedding vows, reciting romantic poetry or just creating new memories.


Make Time for Pampering

Take a break from elephant rides and roughing it in the jungle and book a stay at one of the area’s luxury resorts. There are dozens of comfortable accommodations available ranging from elegant chalets and bungalows nestled in tropical surroundings to bright modern rooms right on the beach. While most resorts offer outdoor pools and private balconies for romantic rendezvous, a few have restaurants featuring cuisine from Germany, Italy and of course Thailand. For those that enjoy a little nightlife, there are a few little bars to enjoy live music and cocktails.

Remember, there’s a lot to see and do in Khao Lak and each activity can help strengthen your marriage as long as you do them, and enjoy them, together.