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Khao Lak: Where Flowers Are An Aura Of Mystery

How mysterious is our world! There was a time when sunset and sunrise were a chasm of a conundrum to our saggy forefathers. Lightning, which is now a subject of photography to most of us, was a curse from the omnipotent for our ancestors. They begged to divine for mercy. Science and technology have gone to distance, we must and we DO admit. But, could science answer all the mysteries? Certainly not. The anchorpersons of science themselves admit that is the world is a sea-beach full of sand, you can grab a fistful of sand and that is the amount science could have answered till date.

If you are interested in interesting facts, you have surely used your search engine in searching “mysterious places in the world” and some top of the search results has shown you Magnetic Hill, Moncton, New Brunswick, Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand, Surtsey, Iceland, Blood Falls, Antarctica or Longyearbyen, Norway to quench your thirst but have you ever heard the name of Khao Lak on this list? Quite unknown, nah? People say, “Everything that glitters is not gold”; we say that something that may not glitter can be also gold.

Khao Lak, a series of peaceful, picturesque villages of Thailand where chitter-chatter of birds will sing good morning to you and the sea-beach breeze will evanesce your daylong perturbs. Khao Lak has grown to a predominant tourist spot for its divinely scenic beauty and rural simplicity. Being a hushed abode of thousands of rare flowers, it vividly graphitise a slice of heaven. Orchid, the blossom of heaven completes the circle. Khaolak Orchid Garden and Khaolak Butterfly Farm is the habitat of numerous Orchids. Let’s have a Q&A session. Tell me, what’s the biggest flower in the world? Ok, ok, pardon my audacity. I know you keep a deep wisdom about these things; it’s Rafflesia, with a diameter up to 1 meter. But I know one thing more, now you are wondering how fantasizing would be the moment if you could visit the flower! What are you waiting for when Khao Lak has kept everything prepared for your visit? Yes, Rafflesia, also called ‘Flesh Flower’ or ‘Meat Flower’ is available in Khao Lak rapidly. Not only one or two, in Khao lak, you can see up to 30 types of Rafflesia species there. Not only its gigantic size, but also the tactic how it emits smell of ‘rotten flesh’ to attract the insects and therefore have a hearty meal with them, is also a thing to witness awfully. Besides, there are practically thousands of forest flowers to amaze you.

So, do you want to have the first hand experience of these mysterious awe-striking flowers or want to mere read this article on your laptop lolling on sofa? The choice is yours.

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Khao Lak’s Beaches: Mesmerizing Moments

What is a sea-beach? If you search over the internet, it will amply show you numerous search results including photos, videos, description and what not! But, these are mere some highbrow literary meanings, we all know. Sea-beaches are something much more that is adjacent to our personal lives and some mesmerising memories. To some, beach is limitless fun with pals, to some; it is the canvas where the duo has signed in some fanciful agreement of love, trust and togetherness while it brings the reminiscences of the childhood trip to some other.

Khao Lak, that’s literary meaning is ‘Lak Mountain’ is a chain of villages on the heart of Thailand. No, no, no, don’t judge a book by its cover. Don’t assume it from my uttering ‘a village’ a chain of the huts with lanterns. Khao Lak can at ease compete and beat any internationally recognised visiting spots of the world with its dazzling picturesque views and adventurous tourist points. Scuba, snorkelling, wildlife and nature tour, Ton Chong Fa Waterfall, International Tsunami Museum all are here to make your holidays at Khao Lak the most memorable of your ‘tour series’. But, above all, there are a number of beaches here in Khao Lak that is the most tourist attracting charm of the spot.

  • Khao Lak Beach is the most important and central beach of Thailand where ocean blue crystal clear water and fine golden sands confidante each other and whistling breeze sings the saga of eternal love to the tourists’ ears. The shade of Palm tree and pleasant sunray- what can be in more harmony? There are a series of leaf-made tanning couches to let you relax too!
  • La on Village – Nang Thong Beach in the middle of the genuine Khao Lak and Bang Niang beaches, Nang Thong Beach is unforgettable for its divine view of sunrise and sunset in the soul of Andaman Sea. There are a number of dignified resorts and lodges to stay in beside the beach. Shopaholic? Oh my God! Which girl is not! Then it’s surely going to be a permanent stay throughout your entire holiday. Throughout the entire beach and the adjacent area, there are a pretty lavish number of food stalls to choose from according to your taste and multiple numbers of shopping stalls and who are planning for any excuse, there are multiple ATMs too.
  • Bang Niang Beach and its adjacent areas are one of the most rapidly urbanising areas of Thailand’s other dominant tourist spots in terms of restaurants, resorts, infrastructures, shopping complex and maintenance. Apart from awe striking scenic beauty and cleanliness of the beach, it is a pretty good option to stay during your lavish holidays.