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5 Must-see adventures in Khao Lak, Thailand

Many know the Khao Lak, Thailand area because of its serene beaches and its beautiful and intimate resorts. Yet, for the outdoor enthusiast this area has many unique and challenging venues. From riding elephant trekking to cycling through the islands, Khao Lak area of Thailand is filled with unparalleled beauty and options. Not all adventures need to be planned in advance; two of the options we found offer only day tours and require a 24-hour notice. So, if you are staying in one of Khao Lak’s beautiful resorts and choose to get out and see the land in a unique way, these options may be best suited for you.

We have found five of the must-see adventures in Khao Lak:

Eco Khao Lak Adventure – Eco Khao Lak Adventure is a multifaceted adventure company offering multiple packages to fit any guests request. If you are looking for a very hands-on and        personalized experience, this is the group for you. Elephant trekking and waterfall exploration is the most popular day excursion. If you are looking for something a little bit more adventurous check out the day trips that include white water rafting and zip-lining through the jungle.

Eco Khao Lak Adventure also offers overnight excursions that include multiple day/multiple night stays on several of the surrounding islands. These excursions include scuba diving, guided hikes on the island, and beautiful sleeping accommodations.

Wicked Diving Khao Lak – For the serious diver, Wicked Diving may be more up your alley.      With nine-day, two-week, and three-week excursions available, the experienced diver will be        able to explore the many islands and waters of Indonesia. Most of the excursions can be started        in Khao Lak and eventually traveling to different area islands and eventually surrounding cities.

Not sure you are up for the challenge of a multiple week excursion? Check out the Liveboard opportunities. As the name suggests, guests “live aboard” a sailing vessel for the length of the excursion. Guests can choose between one to seven day excursions.

Khao Lak Land Discovery – Looking for something that is more land-based? Khao Lak Land Discovery may be what you need. Offering single day as well as multiple day excursions exploring the islands around Thailand. There is no end to the number of different excursions         available; from hiking to three Buddhist temples to off-road safari’s, Khao Lak Land Discovery    is everything a land based adventurist could ask for. Most of these tours are multiple day adventures and almost all of them include some type of hiking or walking in remote areas of the Khao Lak area.

Khaolak Horse Club – What better way to see the beauty of Khao Lak than by horseback.  This adventure is only available for day excursions; making this a better choice if reservations for an outdoor excursion were not made before arriving in Khao Lak. With rides taking guests           on the beautiful sandy beaches or the rocky mountainous areas, there are beautiful sites for all to          see. Khaolak Horse Club has nine horses available for guided tours making this a great family-friendly adventure.

Khaolak Cycling Tour – If cycling is your favorite mode of transportation, Khaolak Cycling      Tour is for you. Since only day tours are available, this is a great outdoor activity for those guests who did not reserve an adventure component to their holiday plan since only day tours are available. One of the tours even gets you off the bike and in a canoe for a leg of the journey.

All tours include snacks, water, bike helmet, and bicycle so guests do not need to worry about bringing any cycling components with them. Each guided tour is labeled by the difficulty so choosing your level of adventure is easy.


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